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Odour Loggers

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Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is a gas that is present in wastewater. It is notorious for its corrosive effects and the strong egg-like odour that it produces. As the warm weather approaches, the smell that is produced from H2S becomes even stronger and often leads to complaints.

Application Specific Logger

The OdaLog (a portable gas detector designed specifically for the wastewater industry), provides the perfect solution for datalogging during dosing and odour abatement in these harsh conditions.

Reduce Nuisance Odours

Nuisance odours from wastewater treatment plants can be a problem to neighbouring residential areas. Boundary odour monitoring may be required to continuously record levels of odour and present the data to the neighbours. a1-cbiss have recently introduced the Cairpol range of sensors, perfect for this application.

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