Gas Mixers, Blenders & Dilution

Never find yourself stuck on site without the exact concentration you need. Our instruments will cut gas cylinder use and cylinder rental costs by up to 60%, while providing any gas concentration required for the calibration of your analysers.

Gas Dilution

Gas Dividers automatically perform zero, span and multi-point calibrations. Mass flow controllers enable users to dilute high concentration cylinders to low level gas blends with typical ratios as low as 10,000:1. Gas dividers are commonly customised for use as Automotive Gas Dividers, VOC Dilutors and Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) Calibrators.

Gas Blenders/Mixers

Gas mixers can be used in generating precise gas calibration standards, creating gaseous atmospheres, or producing gas mixes for analytical research or production purposes.

Our multi-component gas mixing system automatically mixes up to seven individual gases in a balance gas, producing gas concentrations from percent to ppb levels for single or multi-point calibration.

Normal payback on the Series 4040 is typically less than 12 to 18 months depending on cylinder gas usage.

Zero Air Generators

Zero Air Generators are easy to install, require minimal upkeep and are safer, easier, and less costly than high pressure gas cylinders.

The air is a perfect method for generating zero reference calibration gas, ultra-pure combustion air for flame ionisation detector (FID), service air for pneumatically operated valves, hydrocarbon free chromatography use, and general laboratory use.

Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators facilitate dynamic calibration of ambient air analysers or for creating specific ozone environments for research.

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