3M Versaflo TR-315UK+ Powered Air Particulates Starter Kit

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3M Versaflo TR-315UK+ Powered Air Particulates Starter Kit.

The Versaflo powered air system combines performance, protection and functionality with modern, stylish, lightweight design and unrivalled comfort.


  • Simple starter kit with all the component parts to get you up and running. Simply add a headtop
  • The 2 selectable flow rate options – 185l/mn and 205l/mn
  • Easy-to-use, versatile, respirator systems for particulate environments
  • The highly efficient particulate filter captures hazardous dust, mist and fume
  • An electronic audible and visual alarm indicates low battery and low air flow which suggests particulate filter blockage



The Versaflo TR-315UK+ has a number of features which benefit the wearer.

Light & Small

Firstly, the weight of the turbo is only 1135 g (including particulate filter, high-capacity battery and standard belt). Secondly, it keeps its lightweight close to the user’s back, reducing the leverage effect that can cause turbos to feel heavier.


Sophisticated electronics keep the factory-calibrated airflow at a nominal 170 l/min, eliminating the need for regular calibration by the user. Even as the battery discharges, or the filter becomes loaded with particulates, the unit delivers a steady flow of air. The 2 selectable flow rate options – 185l/mn and 205l/mn- offer more comfort to the user.

Straightforward maintenance

All maintenance can be done by hand. The battery, filter and pre-filter can all be changed quickly and easily by hand.

  • The belt and turbo unit have smooth surfaces with facilitating fast wipe-downs for easier cleaning.
  • IP53 rating. Suitable for use in decontamination shower.
  • A window on the turbo allows instant identification of the installed filter.
  • Durable brushless motor for superior reliability.

What’s the TR-300+ Used With?

Suitable HeadTops

Just choose a headtop (M-Series (hard top) or S-Series (soft head top)) and away you go. The TR-300 Powered Air Turbo can be used with the 3M headtops: S-Series and M-Series


What does the TR-315UK+ kit include?

  • TR-302E+ Powered Air Turbo
  • TR-3712E P Filter
  • BT-30 Length Adjusting Breathing Tube
  • TR-325 Standard Belt
  • TR-332 High Capacity Battery
  • TR-341E Single Station Battery Charger
  • TR-3600 Pre-Filter (x10)
  • TR-971 Airflow Indicator
  • TR-362 Spark Arrestor (x2)

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Weight 2 kg

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