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AIRQUAL-1 Breathing Air Quality Test Kit

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How do you know that the compressed air you’re breathing is safe?

Would you know if unsafe gases had entered the compressor? There could be fatal consequences if hazardous gases were to get into your compressed breathing airline that’s used to fill your air tank cylinder.

a1-cbiss have designed the AIRQUAL-1, a conveniently packaged inline breathing air quality test kit that allows for ‘on the spot’ measurement of compressed air quality, used for respiratory devices in the marine, fire, and industrial applications.

What does the legislation say?

The AIRQUAL-1 Breathing Air Quality Test Kit has been designed to comply with the BS EN12021 legislation for compressed breathing air testing. Following the changes in October 2018 to the Carbon Monoxide WEL, we have taken steps to check if this has impacted EN12021. The HSE state “Components given in Table 1 of EN 12021 are the requirements that should be followed and these should not be further reduced by 1/6th of the WEL in EH40. For carbon monoxide, the requirement for breathing air is 5 ppm”.

What does the AIRQUAL-1 measure?

The AIRQUAL-1 breathing air quality test kit has been designed for use with the Gastec Airtec Tubes and is supplied complete with oil mist, water vapour, carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) test tubes to allow immediate multiple testing. There are 10 Airtec tubes in each pack. Oxygen is measured using the Protege ZM which has been fitted to the AIRQUAL-1.

In addition to the detection of the compressed air contaminants listed above, AIRQUAL-1 also features an oxygen detector allowing for the constant real-time display of the oxygen content within the compressed air system.

This comprehensive breathing air quality test kit is compact, easy to operate and can be used to indicate the level of contamination, as well as, operating flow, temperature, and pressure.

Where do contaminants come from and what harm do they cause?

Carbon Dioxide – There are high levels of CO2 within the compressor cylinders. CO2 exhaust fumes can also contaminate the compressor. Carbon dioxide is an asphyxiant and can have fatal consequences when inhaled.

Carbon Monoxide – The air intake within a compressor may draw in carbon monoxide from the compressor motor. Carbon monoxide is toxic because of the way it reacts with the breather’s blood.

Oil Mist – Lubricants leaking from within the compressor can cause oil mist in the airline. Inhaling oil mists can lead to chronic respiratory problems or asthma.

Oxygen – Compressed air quality testing measures the amount of oxygen in the air . This is vital – a dryer malfunction can reduce the oxygen to an unsafe level.

Water and Water Vapour – Dew point measurements are important to prevent condensation or freezing of water in the airline. This could disrupt the supply of air to the user.

How is the AIRQUAL-1 packaged?

At 7kg and packaged in an aluminium casing, the AIRQUAL-1 is rugged, lightweight and does not require charging, meaning that it can even be used in situations where power isn’t accessible.

Who uses the AIRQUAL-1?

The AIRQUAL-1 is used by companies who perform quarterly compressed breathing air line testing onsite. The AIRQUAL-1 is bought by companies who are confident of carrying out the testing themselves, saving money compared to paying a contractor.

> Paint shops / booths (Airlines)

> Diving centres (Breathing Apparatus)

> Fire brigades (Breathing Apparatus)

> Those who use BA for confined space work

How does the AIRQUAL-1 work?

Watch our video


  • Robust aluminium case
  • Lightweight only 7kgs
  • Rated up to 10 bar g (high pressure available upon request)
  • Calibration flow meters
  • No external power required

To request an on-site demonstration or further information, please contact us

Have you owned an AIRQUAL-1 for more than 2 years?

If you have owned the AIRQUAL-1 for more than 2 years and the O2 detector needs replacing due to the battery reaching its end of life, contact a1-cbiss. If your AIRQUAL-1 uses the GasBadge Pro, then it will be more cost-effective in the long-term to replace it with the Protege ZM. This can only be retrofitted by a1-cbiss. contact us for more details

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Weight 8.5 kg

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