Avenger 33 Sample Conditioning Filter

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The Avenger™ Model 33 is the same size as the Model 33M. Unlike the Model 33M, the Model 33 does not include Genie® Membrane Technology™ or Liquid Block™ .

If either of these features are desired, the Model 33M should be selected. When compared to the Models 38 and 38M, the Model 33 is larger in size and internal volume, making it better suited for applications requiring higher flow rates or containing larger amounts of contaminants than the Models 38 and 38M can handle.

In addition to gas sampling applications, the Model 33 can also be used as a particulate filter in liquid sampling applications.

Use the product builder on the datasheet to build the part number. You will need to select the sealing material and element type

Avenger™ 30 Series Filters

The Avenger™ 30 Series Filters provide sample conditioning and analyser protection by using a disposable filter element to remove solids and liquid droplets from gas sample streams.

Genie® Membrane Technology™ with Liquid Block™ can be added as an option to the 30 Series filters, in addition to the disposable filter element.

The use of Genie® Membrane Technology™ in these filters will remove 100% of entrained liquid, including aerosols, from the sample stream.

The Liquid Block™ will completely valve off flow through the membrane to prevent liquid break-through from occurring in the presence of excess liquid.

The Avenger™ 30 Series sample filters are easy to install and maintain, especially in heated, densely populated cabinets.

The uniquely designed filter housing allows service to the filter element/membrane by simply removing the bowl without disassembly of the fittings.

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