Dust Alarm 40 – Filter Failure Monitor

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Commonly known as “Burst Bag” or “Broken Bag” monitors, the Dust Alarm 40 provides a basic filter monitoring solution. It detects significant increases in particulate loading, highlighting failures in the plant.

The Dust Alarm 40 is a compact Continuous Filter Dust Monitor comprising a sensor and control unit, ideally suited for filter monitoring to ensure correct, expected filter performance.

Superior Technology

Using Envea’s patented ElectroDynamic™ Probe Electrification technology, the instrument extracts a specific frequency band from the induced AC current signature and filters out the DC current caused by particle collisions.

The technology outperforms conventional DC triboelectric systems and alternative AC systems by extending the velocity range over which the instrument has no cross sensitivity to changing velocity, and is unaffected by contamination of the sensor rod eliminating concerns of signal drift.


  • High quality leak response with sufficient dynamic range and time response to track emissions from single and multi-compartment pulse cleaned bagfilters
  • Dual alarms for filter failure and early warning
  • Separate control unit for remote installation
  • Effective graphical user-interface for instrument configuration and dust / alarm level status

Process Conditions

The Envea DUST ALARM 40 is suitable for:

  • Stacks after bag filters, cartridge filters, cyclones
  • Flue gas velocities > 4 m/s
  • Non-condensing / dry flue gases*
  • Not suitable for electrostatic precipitators or applications with water droplets*

Typical Applications

The Envea DUST ALARM 40 is used in a broad range of industries, where indicative filter failure monitoring is required after baghouses and cartridge filters, including the following types of processes:

  • Timber sawing plant
  • Chemical industry eg coating plant
  • Metals refining
  • Tobacco plant
  • Food industry e.g. packing/filling plant
  • Minerals industry e.g. brick, cement kiln

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Weight 6 kg

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