Dusty C Broken Bag Detector

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The Dusty C broken bag detector immediately identifies failure in baghouse fabric filters, cost-effectively.

As a ‘Dust Filter Failure Detector’, the Dusty C provides continuous, particulate monitoring to reliably detect significant increases in particulate loading.

Warnings allow operators to quickly identify increased emissions associated with a poorly performing damaged filter media in baghouses and cartridge filters.


How Do Broken Filter Bag Detectors Work?

The Dusty C broken bag detector is installed after the filter and measures the particulate levels immediately after the outlet. It uses the electrodynamic technology to detect particle flow.

The increase in particle flow past or impacting the measuring probe, indicates that there’s a leak in the bag filter.

A 4-20mA output sends a signal to the plant room once a certain threshold value is reached to alert process or maintenance managers that there’s a bag leak.


Why Must Baghouse Filters be Monitored?

Bag filters in baghouses perform a critical task for the plant’s operations to achieve reductions in emissions.

To ensure baghouses are working under optimum performance conditions, the installation of bag filter detectors are critical. These detectors continuously monitor particulate emissions in the outlet to provide valuable feedback on plant bag filter performance whilst handling powder and bulk solids.

Most leaking baghouse filters begin as small holes or rips that become worse overtime and therefore, catching a leak quickly is crucial. The longer a leak persists, the worse it can become. It can often quickly cause a plant to exceed its maximum emissions limits set out in its air permit.

Harsh Conditions

The fast flowing conditions of abrasive dusts and corrosive gases passing through the baghouse means that the Dusty will be exposed to harsh conditions. Therefore, given the nature of the environment, over time, detectors will become blocked and corroded, and will need to be replaced.

The good news is that the Dusty C provides the most basic option for detecting baghouse failure. Thanks to its cost, it’s affordable to swap out once the sensor performance is affected.


Who Uses the Dusty?

We supply the Dusty C to cement plants, asphalt and power plants.

The Dusty C detects all solid dust particle types in gas flow applications where dust levels are above 0.1 mg/m3


Installation & Commissioning

The Dusty C is installed on the clean sides after the filters, meaning that it’s installed after bag filter housing.

The Dusty is the most simple broken bag detector to install by firmly screwing it in. Commissioning is straightforward using plug and play.


Operation of the Dusty Broken Bag Detector

The Dusty is a compact device that operates on 24 V DC power supply.

The device is delivered with a pre-set alarm level, yet it can be individually adjusted by the operator. However, the sensor allows the user to set the alarm threshold which could be done using the on-button method. Alternatively, via our software (Dust Base).

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