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Optimise your conveyor with the FlowJam material flow detector to quickly detect blockages and reduce production stoppages.

Blockages > Production Stoppages > Reduced Output > Reduced Revenue

The FlowJam Material Flow Detector is a contactless sensor for monitoring the flow of material (aggregates). When blockages occur in the pipeline or on a conveyor belt, a relay stops the process to prevent bigger blockages. As a result, this action limits material wastage or prevents production delays.

The FlowJam monitors the movement of solid materials. It distinguishes between the following switch conditions:

  • Material flow
  • Material blockage / standstill or empty pipe


How Does the FlowJam Work?

Very reliable microwaves pass through the process material and measure straight through all housings. Whether it’s non-metallic pipelines, tank walls, housings or hose lines, the FlowJam accurately detects material movements beyond the housing wall. In addition, the FlowJam is also completely insensitive to the accumulation of material coating/caking on the sensor.

FlowJam Material Flow Detector Application Examples

Material Transfer point

Wood chips are transported by two screw conveyors in a biomass plant. At the transfer point between the screw conveyors, FlowJam material flow detector monitors the flow of material.

If the material flow stops, the FlowJam quickly detects that the problem exists because the bottom screw conveyor is not discharging material, or the supply screw conveyor is not supplying material.


Material Infeed to a Rotary Feeder

In a lime plant, lime is conveyed into the inlet of a rotary feeder via a vertical downpipe. At this point, the FlowJam ensures that there is always a consistent material flow.


Ash Transportation

In most cases, ash is transported by air slide systems. The FlowJam can be installed from the top of the upper conveying chamber to ensure a smooth material flow inside the transportation system.

Any plugging or interruption in the material flow must be avoided and therefore, makes the FlowJam a reliable solution. Because the FlowJam is a contactless sensor, it is not affected by material build ups on the sensor front-end.


Flow Detection in Cyclones

Cyclones are used to separate solids from the gas flow, for example after scrubbers. It is important that the outlet of the cyclone is not clogged and that the material discharge after the rotary valve is ensured. A non-existent material flow after the valve indicates a blockage in the cyclone.


  • Continuous monitoring of the material flow reacts to blockages fast!
  • Clogging of cyclones can be prevented minimising production stoppages


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  • Trend monitoring (FlowJam Plus)
  • Insensitive against material deposits
  • Detection through all non-conductive walls
  • Suitable for any line diameter
  • With adapter, usable up to 220°C and 20 bar
  • With ceramic mounting, usable up to 1000°C

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10.7 cm


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