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GAS152D Methyl Ethyl Ketone Passive Dosi-Tube 2 – 600ppm

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GAS152D Methyl Ethyl Ketone Gastec Passive Sampling Dosi Tubes (Time Weighted Average Detector Tubes)

The Dosi-Tube System allows an operator to evaluate the level of gas a worker is exposed to over a time period such as a working shift.

The Dosi-Tube is easily clipped into the holder (GAS710) which is worn on a garment of clothing.

Measuring Range 2 to 600 ppm
Sampling Hours 1 to 10 hours
Detecting Limit 2 ppm (10 hours)
Colour Change Yellow          Reddish Brown
Reaction Principle Methyl Ethyl Ketone reacts with Hydroxylamine Phosphate to liberate
Phosphorus acid, which discolours pH indicator to reddish brown.
3CH3COC2H5 + (NH2OH)3H3PO4          H3PO4
H3PO4 + Base          Phosphate
Coefficient of Variation 10% (for 20 to 600 ppm-hr)
Shelf Life Up to 2 years from point of manufacture
Corrections for
temperature & humidity
Temperature correction is necessary
Store the tubes in the refrigerator to keep at 10oC (50oF) or below.

Possible coexisting substances and their interferences

Substance Concentration Interference Change colour by itself
Aldehydes Plus error Discolours reddish brown
Ketones Plus error Discolours reddish brown
Acid gases Plus error Discolours reddish brown
(Unclear demarcation)
Calibration gas generation Diffusion tube method

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