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GAS221LL Chloride Ions Gastec Soluble Ion Tubes 10 – 200mg/L

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GAS221LL Gastec Chloride Ion Detector Tubes

The soluble ion tube system offers a quicker, cheaper and easier alternative to using laboratory based anaylsers for measuring dissolved substances
(i.e. in solution).

To measure, simply immerse the detector tube in a sample of liquid (placed in a beaker or other container). Anyone can measure concentrations quickly, easily and accurately on site.

Measuring Range 10 to 200 mg/l
Sampling Time 3 minutes
Detecting Limit 3 mg/l
Colour Change Brown          White
Reaction Principle 2Cl + Ag2CrO4 (Brown)           2AgCl (White) + CrO42+
Coefficient of Variation 15% (for 10 to 50 mg/l), 10% (for 50 to 200 mg/l)
Shelf Life 3 Years
Corrections for
temperature & humidity
Store the tubes at cool and dark place.


Possible coexisting substances and their interferences
Substance Concentration Interference Change colour by itself
CN 10 mg/l Plus error White discoloration (1 mg/l)
Br 10 mg/l Plus error White discoloration (10 mg/l)
SCN 1 mg/l Plus error White discoloration (100 mg/l)
Fe2+ 20 mg/l Minus error No discoloration (1000 mg/l)
Fe3+ 20 mg/l Plus error White discoloration (20 mg/l)
F 1000 mg/l No error No discoloration (1000 mg/l)
I 20 mg/l Plus error Pale yellow discoloration (20 mg/l)
S2- 3 mg/l Plus error Blackish grey discoloration (3 mg/l)
SO42- 1000mg/l No error No discoloration (1000 mg/l)
Calibration gas generation Sodium Chloride standard solution

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