Genie JTR-H Heated Joule-Thomson Regulator

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The Genie® Joule-Thomson Heated Regulator Model JTR-H™ is a four stage pressure regulator with a self-limiting block heater designed to prevent condensation from occurring during pressure regulation of high pressure gas sources and natural gas having a high moisture or hydrocarbon dew point.

When dropping the pressure of a natural gas stream whose operating pressure is higher and operating temperature is at, near or below its cricondenthem temperature (highest dew point temperature on the natural gas phase diagram), it sometimes becomes necessary to use multi-stage pressure regulation to prevent the sample from condensing during the pressure reduction process.

If the gas composition is very rich (high BTU) or wet (high moisture), the ambient temperature is low, or the pressure is high enough to where there will be substantial Joule-Thomson cooling then it may be required to provide additional heat even when reducing the pressure in multiple stages to ensure that there will be sufficient heat transfer during the pressure reduction process to prevent condensation from occurring.

The need for this type of regulator is best illustrated by referencing a natural gas phase diagram. For this particular gas composition, it can be observed that the only regulator that is able to maintain the sample in a vapour state AND comply with the requirement from API 14.1 of maintaining the sample 30◦F above the hydrocarbon dew point at all times is the four stage heated regulator.

Note: Although the example given is specific to natural gas, this regulator can be used with other types of gases

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