LAS 5000XD In-Situ Cross Duct Gas Analyser

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The new LAS 5000XD cross duct analyser combines robustness and a fast response time (1 second), thus providing reliable measurements.

With no gas conditioning required, the laser-based technology is less prone to temperature influences and cross-interferences. Therefore, it provides accurate measurement in harsh industrial environments.

It measures parameters in cross duct applications in combinations such as:

  • NH3 + H2O,
  • HF,
  • CO + CO2,
  • O2,
  • HCl + H2O

Where is the LAS 5000XD Most Effective?

The in-situ TDLS (Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy) gas analyser has been designed for measuring process emissions where certification isn't required.

  • Ammonia slip control (DeNox)
  • Process and combustion control
  • HF emission control in aluminum plant
  • HCl/SO2 abatement control
  • Ethylene cracking furnace control
  • HCl level in semiconductor production
  • Ammonia concentration control in pet food, fertiliser plants, etc.


Why Choose the Laser Based LAS 5000XD?

  • No sampling system needed
  • There's no gas temperature influence
  • Gas matrix interference free
  • Calibration free measurement



  • New Embedded ClearPath functionality where interference of relative humidity, O2 or CO2 is removed in purging areas
  • Highly sensitive and selective measurement
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • No measurement drift
  • Response time 1 s
  • Large dynamic ranges from ppm to %
  • Real-time communication between Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx)



With an embedded web server, there is no dedicated software needed. The server provides quick access to service diagnostics and analyser settings.




Pollutant Range
NH3 + H2O 0–10 ppm / 0–5000 ppm + 0–5% / 0–40%
HF 0–3 ppm / 0–500 ppm
CO + H2O 0–50 ppm / 0–1% + 0–5% / 0–40%
CO + CO2 0-1% / 0-100% + 0-1% / 0-100%
CO2 + H2O Coming soon
O2 Coming soon
HCl + H2O Coming soon
Other gases Available upon request



Watch the Video to See How It Works

LAS 5000XD Video

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