Leak Alert 75-80 – Filter Leak Monitor

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The Leak Alert 75/80 leak filter monitors are particularly suited for use on fabric-filter type dust collectors (baghouses). They provide reliable and robust monitoring of particulate dust levels and leaks from faulty bag media. The use of the 75/80 minimises production stoppages and identifies the best time to change baghouse filters.
The Leak Alert 75/80 sensors provide powerful bag-leak location detection capability. Faulty bag media can be determined by row assisting bag replacement and reducing the cost of operating bag filters.

The Technology

The instruments benefit from ENVEA’s unique ElectroDynamic™ Probe Electrification technology and advanced features enabling configuration for all types of bag filters irrespective of cleaning sequence, including an external display, keypad and probe-rod self-check option, which provides added quality control.
Leak Alert 75/80 uses the electrodynamic measurement principle. If the dust to be measured is constant, then the generated measuring signal is proportional to the dust concentration, even if there are dust deposits on the measuring probe. Experience shows that the measuring method provides very exact results with little required maintenance.
The systems differ in principle from optional internal (LA 75) or external (LA 80) operation.


  • Approved and meet the requirements for Filter Dust Monitors and Filter Leak Monitors under EN 15859
  • keyboard, internal display and 3 status-LEDS
  • manual zero- and span-check, automatic contamination check
  • calibrateable (Leak Alert 80)
  • measurement and output of dust concentration in mg/m3 (Leak Alert 80)
  • flue-gas temperature up to 250 °C (400 °C option)
  • for applications up to 95 %, non-condensing, relative humidity (with insulated rod)
  • for online and offline filter cleaning sequences
  • for aggressive flue-gas (with optional insulated rod)

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Weight 3 kg


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