Leak Alert 75 / 80 Filter Leak Monitor

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The Leak Alert 75 / 80 sensors provide powerful bag-leak location detection capability. Faulty bag media can be determined by row assisting bag replacement and reducing the cost of operating bag filters.
The Leak Alert sensors are approved and meet the requirements for Filter Dust Monitors and Filter Leak Monitors under EN15859


The Technology

The instruments benefit from ENVEA’s unique ElectroDynamic™ Probe Electrification technology and advanced features enabling configuration for all types of bag filters irrespective of cleaning sequence, including an external display, keypad and probe-rod self-check option, which provides added quality control.
If the dust to be measured is constant, then the generated measuring signal is proportional to the dust concentration, even if there are dust deposits on the measuring probe. Experience shows that the measuring method provides very exact results with little required maintenance.
The systems differ in principle from optional internal (LA 75) or external (LA 80) operation.


Leak Alert 75/80 Features

Bag-leak monitoring performance

  • High-quality leak response tracks emissions from single and multi-compartment, pulse-cleaned bag filters.
  • Instrument drift and minimum detection level below 0.1mg/m³ with leak monitoring to 500mg/m³.
  • Fully configurable warning and limit alarm levels with independent alarm delay.
  • Convenient bag-leak output range in defined units (user selectable).
  • Bag-leak location capability by use of the optional Filter Display Module (FDM).


Designed for practical bag-filter issues

  • Suitable for ATEX Dust zone 22 (with options for zones 20 and 21).
  • Inbuilt surge protection to counter the effects of indirect lightning.
  • Industrially hardened enclosure and sensor mechanics provide convenient connections to plant allowing armoured cable use.
  • Powered directly from a mains power supply 100–240V AC (24V DC option).


Powerful User Interface

  • Internal or external 4-digit display (external as standard on LEAK ALERT 80).
  • Instrument setup via keypad or PC/laptop (requires the ‘Device Set’ software).
  • Option for external keypad (standard on LEAK ALERT 80).
  • Intuitive multi-level menu (User/Engineering setup) with password protection.
  • Three tri-colour LEDs for Power, Emission alarms and instrument self-checks.


Technical Spec

Measurement capability 0-500 mg/m3
Sensor Variants 316 Stainless Steel (standard) / Fully insulated PTFE coated (option)
Stack Temperature Ranges 0-250°C standard, up to 400°C option
Functionality and QA Checks Drift check (zero and span), Probe short circuit check option
Outputs Optional RS232, RS485 (Modbus)
2 x Digital Alarm and 4/20mA
Air Purge Option

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg


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