Leak Locate 320 – Filter Performance Monitor

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The PCME LEAK LOCATE 320 is a valuable controller based dust leak monitor (0-100%) for filtering emissions after bag houses, cartridge filters and cyclones.

  • Gives advance warning of filter deterioration
  • Enabling users to make significant savings in spares, maintenance time and lost production time
  • Reduces the likelihood of large-scale emissions events

The Key Benefits of the LEAK LOCATE 320;

  • Reliable monitoring of leaking and broken bags in dust collectors
  • Sensor configured remotely via controller
  • Manual sensor Drift Checks (zero and span)
  • Probe Check (Insulator Short-Circuit Check) option for improved data integrity
  • Digital display and optional graphical display to view live data and monitor bag cleaning cycle
  • Reduces filter maintenance intervals, process down-time and filter costs

Key Features

  • Low and high dust levels are monitored accurately without compromising the accuracy of measurement created by large spikes from cleaning vs low background in dust levels (eg  from filter cleaning pulses)
  • Manually or automatically initiated options indicating sensor contamination to ensure improved data integrity, minimised false alarms and reduction in maintenance requirements
  • Convenient sensor set-up and display at a remote location away from baghouse
  • Comparison of compartment emissions, locating specific, failing bag rows, real time and historical filter media performance

The Technology

An ElectroDynamic™ sensor is installed in the outlet of each baghouse compartment to monitor relative dust emission levels.  The network of sensors is connected to the ProController which provides a large graphical user interface giving a clear indication of each compartment’s dust level and onward communication to a PC or PLC network.

The system is supported by PC-ME DUST TOOLS software suite for PC’s with advanced features for monitoring emission trends and identifying failing or broken bags. For on-line cleaned bag filters, the specific bag row containing leaking bags can be located.

The ProController

  • Navigation keys (Up/Down/Right/Left/Enter, plus five function keys (incl. 2x user-programmable short-cut keys, 2x menu keys, and 1x back button) for rapid menu access and response
  • Setup and configuration of the sensor network
  • Icon-driven menu
  • Scaling the output of sensors (to between 0 and 100%) to provide an indication of relative emission levels between compartments
  • Displaying overviews of the network status and emission levels per compartment
  • Providing alarm relay outputs that can be configured to suit requirements, e.g. high and high/high emission alarms, sensor status and system failures
  • Providing multiple, simultaneous data viewing for up to five clients (via USB 2.0, RS-232/RS-485 over Modbus, Ethernet and separate 4-20mA outputs)

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg

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