Leak Locate 320 – Bag Filter Performance Monitor

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The LEAK LOCATE 320 provides advance warning of bag filter failure by offering the following benefits to maintenance departments:

  • Identify deterioration in filters, prevent failure, reduce likelihood of permit breach
  • Decreased use of filter media – only change the broken bag filters
  • Ability to improve maintenance schedules which lowers labour time and cost



Predictive Bag Filter Row Monitoring

The ability to predict and identify which bag filter row or chamber is likely to fail enables plant operators to achieve maximum service life from filters, reduce maintenance and increase production time while reducing and controlling the potential for large-scale emission events and the associated environmental impact.

Multi-chamber filter performance monitors in conjunction with ENVEA cloud services software accurately track dynamic dust emissions to allow remote and real-time observation of bag and cartridge condition, enabling the location of failing bag rows to be anticipated

Benefit: Maintenance Cost Reduction – Knowing where the dust leaks are developing in the baghouse filter compartments saves time and resources by identifying where the dust leaks are developing and which bag filters need to be changed.


Compliance with Emissions Control Limits

Waste to Energy Plants operate under a permit with strict particulate emission limit values (ELVs). These typically require the installation of high efficiency, multi-compartment baghouses to filter dust and particulates.

Due to complexities of these baghouses, finding potential leaks can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Therefore, these bag filters require regular maintenance for optimum performance.

The current ELV is low, therefore, the consequences of filter leaks could rapidly result in breaches of the emission limit. If a plant is solely reliant on the main stack emission monitor for indication of emission limit excursions, the filter failure event will already be underway.

The LEAK LOCATE 320 system is installed to continuously monitor dust release from each filter compartment. Therefore, the ability to locate which compartment contains the dust leak is a highly valuable maintenance tool.

Benefit: Compliance By detecting leaks early, the maintenance schedule can be better controlled to ensure that the ELV is not breached.

The Technology

An ElectroDynamic™ sensor is installed in the outlet of each baghouse compartment to monitor relative dust emission levels.

See how ElectroDynamic™ technology compares. 

Technical Specification

Measured parameters Dust
Technology ElectroDynamic™ Advanced Probe Electrification
Measurement/Monitoring capability 0-500 mg/m³*
Stack/Duct diameter suitability up to 4m
Flue gas temperature up to 250°C
Baghouse YES
Cartridge Filter YES
Sensor variants Stainless Steel
Fully insulated PTFE coated
QA checks YES

The ProController

The network of sensors is connected to the ProController which provides a large graphical user interface giving a clear indication of each compartment’s dust level and onward communication to a PC or PLC network.

  • Setup and configuration of the sensor network
  • Provides an indication of relative emission levels between compartments
  • Displays overviews of the network status and emission levels per compartment

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg

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