Leak Locate 662 – Filter Performance Monitor

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The LEAK LOCATE 662 is a digitally networked, multi-compartment baghouse monitoring system providing remote observation of the condition of bag and cartridge filters

The Key Benefits of the LEAK LOCATE 662;

  • Gives advance warning of filter deterioration before catastrophic failure
  • Enables users to make significant savings in spares and maintenance time
  • Reduces the likelihood of large-scale emission events occurring
  • Replace only the filter bags that need changing
  • Increase production with less unplanned filter changes
  • Keeps the Regulator happy

The Technology

An ElectroDynamic™ sensor is installed in the outlet of each baghouse compartment to monitor relative dust emission levels.  The network of sensors is connected to the ProController which provides a large graphical user interface giving a clear indication of each compartment’s dust level and onward communication to a PC or PLC network.

The system is supported by PC-ME DUST TOOLS software suite for PC’s with advanced features for monitoring emission trends and identifying failing or broken bags.  For on-line cleaned bag filters, the specific bag row containing leaking bags can be located.

The ProController

  • Navigation keys (Up/Down/Right/Left/Enter, plus five function keys (incl. 2x user-programmable short-cut keys, 2x menu keys, and 1x back button) for rapid menu access and response
  • Setup and configuration of the sensor network
  • Icon-driven menu
  • Scaling the output of sensors (to between 0 and 100%) to provide an indication of relative emission levels between compartments
  • Displaying overviews of the network status and emission levels per compartment
  • Providing alarm relay outputs that can be configured to suit requirements, e.g. high and high/high emission alarms, sensor status and system failures
  • Providing multiple, simultaneous data viewing for up to five clients (via USB 2.0, RS-232/RS-485 over Modbus, Ethernet and separate 4-20mA outputs)

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