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PicoFlow provides flow measurement of powders or dusts with a maximum grain size of 10 mm in pneumatic or free-fall applications with drop speeds of at least 2 m/s.

The measuring system delivers absolute measurements (after calibration) in g/h or kg/h. A special air purging system is also available as an option. This is used for materials which tend to bake onto surfaces.

PicoFlow is used for the following:
• In pneumatic applications for material flow rates of up to 100 kg/h (depending on application)
• In free-fall with a drop speed of at least 2 m/s (approx. 25cm drop height)
• In cases where dust measuring instruments cannot cope and flow rate measuring instruments are over-specified


The measuring principle of the PicoFlow is based on the electrodynamic measuring effect. A ceramic coating on the very short antenna prevents sensor wear.




Absorbent Flow Measurement

During the incineration process, plants produce exhaust gases which need to be cleaned.

In order to treat dioxins, activated carbon is pneumatically blown into the exhaust gas stream.

The dosing of activated carbon into the exhaust stream must be controlled. The PicoFlow is specially developed for measuring activated carbon powder flow in the transport lines at very low material concentrations. In order to precisely adjust the reagent injection in real time, we recommend the online monitoring of gas pollutants to be set before the injection point.

The PicoFlow transmits the material volume to the plant control room.

Technical Data

Housing Aluminium
Protection Type IP 66; ATEX: Cat. 1/2 GD
Operation temperature Process: -20 … +150 °C
Ambient: -20 … + 60 °C
Max. working pressure 10 bar
Weight 1,5 kg
Sensor rod Stainless steel, ceramic coated,
max. 450 mm
Accuracy ± 5 % in calibrated range

Additional Information

Weight 2.5 kg

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