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The ProGap Limit Level Detector reliably detects whether a limit level has been reached in a container – a silo, a pipe or a waste chute. Firstly, it prevents overflowing. And secondly, if backed up material in the process can be detected early on, it prevents the production line from being damaged.

The ProGap 2.0 is a universal and flexible sensor, which consists of a transmitter and receiver, based on the contactless microwave technology. The beauty of the ProGap is the detection range –  the sensor works up to 25 meters away!



  • Protection against overfilling of the containers
  • Robust, extremely process-safe and durable sensor technology
  • Reliable detection of limit levels even during the filling process
  • Contactless measurement with very low maintenance requirements

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Application Examples

Incineration Plant Waste Chute

Waste recycling in incineration plants starts with the delivery and incineration of waste. The waste reaches the combustion chamber via a falling chute, which is followed by a hydraulic feed device. To guarantee a constant incineration process, the falling chute has to be filled constantly.

The “high“ and “low“ limit values should be detected and alarmed. The plant operator looks for a device, that completely measures the point level over the whole cross section.

In the described application the ProGap 2.0 measures limit levels in a falling chute through a plexiglass wall. The detection of the limit levels guarantees a constant filling of the combustion grate and thereby a continuous firing.

Overfill levels are avoided to protect the installation in case of fire. In spite of measuring through non-conductive materials, a direct material contact of the ProGap 2.0 is also possible, using special process adapters.


  • Early detection of over or underfilling
  • Reliable point level monitoring even at very high process temperatures
  • Easy commissioning
  • Direct and reliable monitoring of waste feed into incineration area
  • Simple process adaption
  • Flame flashback from the burner is avoided


Baghouse Filters

All dust from the filters will fall down into the filter outlets. It is important to avoid a material bridge building up above the rotary valve in the outlet.
If such bridging is not recognised, the material will build up into the filter and probably plugs it.

The ProGap 2.0 is a microwave barrier type sensor to detect any build up of material in the filter outlet.

The system consists out of a transmitter and receiver and does not protrude into the cross section. It is a very reliable method of detection especially as it detects the entire width of the outlet.


  • Fast and reliable monitoring of material build up
  • Easy retrofitting
  • Avoids shutdown due to plugged filter outlets

Recognition of Salt

The ProGap 2.0-BS activates an alarm before there is a salt blockage that would cause a decrease in flow. The ProGap 2.0-BS is installed in such a manner that it views the salt through a non metallic pipe and will detect a blockage quickly that could prevent damage to the conveying system.

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