QAL 181 Particulate Monitor

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The PCME QAL 181 is an approved Particulate Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM) providing high quality emission measurement for low dust concentrations from industrial processes.

The instrument provides a proven solution for applications where CEN standards EN 14181 / EN 13284-2. QAL 181 holds QAL1 approval as specified in EN 15267-3, under MCERTS.

PCME QAL 181 advantages include:

  • Reliable and rugged design which is proven for long term operation at elevated temperature
  • Minimal instrument maintenance required
  • System self-checks, with logging of Zero and Span check data for QAL3 reporting
  • QAL Reporter PC software option to provide secure and powerful emissions reporting
  • Automated QAL3 reporting in full compliance with EN 13284-2
  • User interface screens feature alarming, graphical trending, data logging, 4-20mA output
  • PLUS control unit option for sensor networking (up to 16 sensor channels) via industry standard Modbus, multiple inputs for external devices (e.g. for Temp and O2 normalisation)

Resolution and Sensitivity

The PCME QAL 181 uses a low-angle forward light scattering measurement principle unique to PCME (see ProScatter™ Forward Scatter). The measured cone of scattered light is larger than normal for light scatter instruments, which provides:

  • Excellent sensing resolution and sensitivity, due to an increased signal-to-noise ratio
  • Reduced cross-sensitivity to changing particle size, allowing a greater range of applications for which the instrument is suitable

Inherently Reliable Design

Using tough high-grade components and enclosures, and designed to overcome problems encountered with alternative light scatter technologies, the PCME QAL 181 offers outstanding reliability:

  • No optical fibres, which are prone to degradation in elevated temperatures
  • No moving active measurement parts, ensuring sensing components remain correctly aligned. Alternative technologies require movement of the position-critical detectors for the performance of self checks. The PCME QAL 181 avoids this by introducing a diffuser into the light path, which gives the additional benefit of a true check of the instruments ability to measure scattered light, rather than just attenuated light


A Proven Particulate CEM

The PCME QAL 181 supersedes the LMS181, an instrument currently proven in many applications worldwide.

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