SM-5 Mercury CEMS

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The new SM-5 is the next generation of mercury CEMS analysers.

The SM-5 mercury CEMS analyser meets the Waste Incineration BREF requirements, making it ideal for plants that must have a mercury CEMS analyser installed.

The SM-5 was designed for hazardous waste incineration plants that must continuously monitor mercury as per their responsibilities to the Industrial Emissions Directive.

It performs extremely accurate measurement of mercury at very low concentrations in flue gas. In fact, the SM-5 offers the lowest QAL1 certified range on the market – 0-5 µg/m3



  • Meets WI BREF requirements
  • Anticipate Mercury peaks
  • Low operating costs
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Multiple stack sampling by a single analyser is possible


The SM-5 has been designed by the people with over 20 years in mercury analysis. It’s this dedication which has created the next generation mercury sampler which combines high performance with low-cost operation.

High Performance

  • SM-5 offers the lowest QAL1 certified range on the market – 0-5 µg/m3
  • Stable measurement under all circumstances
  • Dynamic range switching for reliable measurement of mercury emission peaks
  •  Numerous certified ranges can also be achieved: 0-30; 0-45; 0-100; 0-1000 µg/m3


Low Operation Costs

  • No need for carrier gas, dilution or air conditioning
  • Very low instrument air consumption

Low Maintenance Costs

  • Certified to be calibration free, therefore no maintenance required
  • Photometric measurement independent of the high-temperature converter reduces maintenance times and costs
  • High temperature conversion method: requires no reagent, water refill or cartridge replacement


Regulatory Compliance 

• QAL 1 to EN 15267, EN 14181 2001/80/CE, 2000/76/CE

As per BAT 4 in the 2019 Waste Incineration (WI BREF) BAT Conclusions, operators of waste incineration sites must perform a protocol which concludes whether Mercury CEMS will be required.

The protocol of six consecutive accelerated or periodic tests has been agreed by the UK Regulators. It is an appropriate method for operators to demonstrate their mercury results.

Operators of hazardous waste incineration plants must be able to prove mercury measurements are consistently below the threshold of 10 µg/Nm3 , otherwise a Mercury CEMS will be required.

MCERTS Certified

The SM-5 is now MCERTS certified – download the certificate below


Testing Deadlines

Accelerated testing for new plants must be completed within 6 months of the plant being successfully commissioned.

For existing plants, operators must have completed this process (and agreed in writing with the regulator) whether or not mercury CEMS are needed by 2 December 2023. If required, mercury CEMS should be fitted by this date.


The SM-5 Mercury CEMS is already installed on numerous municipal and clinical waste incineration plants across Europe.

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