Stackflow 200 – Flue Gas Velocity Monitor

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The STACKFLOW 200 is a unique, robust sensor and monitoring system which enables representative flue gas velocity, pressure and temperature measurement. It is effectively installed across a broad range of monitoring applications;

  • Waste-to-Energy and Incineration plants,
  • power plants,
  • metals industries,
  • cement,
  • minerals,
  • pre and post abatement plant, and
  • chemical industries.


  • Continuous high-quality measurement of flue gas velocity, temperature and pressure
  • Volumetric flow rate, pollutant mass release and normalisation to standard reference conditions
  • Modular system flexibility with upgrade solutions for challenging application conditions
  • Manual reference self-checks for quality assurance and regulatory compliance (QAL3)

The Technology

ENVEA’s innovative ProPitot® APF Averaging-Pitot Technology is developed from well-established measurement principles. Representative measurement is achieved from uniquely located pressure holes across the upstream and downstream edges of the sensor. Averaged differential pressure readings provide the velocity output, alongside the static pressure and temperature readings.

The automatic inlet cleaning cycle minimises blockages across the pressure holes and reduces maintenance requirements.

The standard sensor is rated up to 800°C and, with a range of sensor lengths, ensures that a comprehensive range of monitoring applications can be successfully monitored

Calibration and Inbuilt Self-Checks

Following the Standard Reference Methods (e.g. EN ISO 16911-2) ensures that the relationship between instrument output and averaged flow across the stack is correct, enabling representative measurement to be achieved.

Manual Reference Checks A calibration module located at the sensor heads provides quality assurance for the instrument. When connected to an external reference manometer, the zero and span (upscale) checks for the flue gas velocity and pressure measurement can be achieved.

This technique allows for the performance and linearity of the sensor to be confirmed, meeting the requirements of international standards such as EN 16911-2 and EN 14181 (QAL3).

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