Dave Holt

Which Project Are You Most Proud of?

Dave was most proud to be a part of was FCC Nottingham or WRG as it was originally known. Following the success of the installation, Dave was accepted onto the apprenticeship scheme with a1-cbiss.

Dave has immense attention to detail for cabling and tray work. His precision ensures every project is professionally crafted – even down to cable ties perfectly lined up!

What Would You Like to Achieve?

Dave would like to see his career progress into management. He gratefully receives feedback that will better himself and his team, putting their best attributes forward and being able to rely on experience to support a project.

What Do You Like About a1-cbiss?

Trusted in his role as a leader, he enjoys teaching and helping people to become the best version of themselves.

Dave loves all of the people he gets to work with.

We know when Dave is enjoying his work because he sings opera in full voice across the workshop – he could definitely get a job on that annoying insurance advert!

What Did You Do Before a1-cbiss?

Dave left school and became a stonemason for 3 years. Following that, he did 4 years of joinery which led him into timber framing, construction, and roofing. He then joined a1-cbiss as an Electricians’s mate and after a few months was offered an Electrical Engineer’s apprenticeship.

What Are Your Life Ambitions or Hobbies?

Dave’s focus is being a full-time dad, so he usually takes on their hobbies. Dave can be forgiven for taking his work home with him, but this normally consists of a Lego build.

He’s a fan of watching boxing, football and keeps promising himself to go back to CrossFit which he really enjoyed but it’s been 2 years now haha!

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