Dom Walton

What is a Project You’re Proud Of?

NHS Louisa Jordan – Dom was proud to have been involved in the quickest turnaround for a fully functional gas sampling system. It was installed and commissioned within 24 hours – the fastest project of its kind for the company.

The type of project was particularly important during COVID-19 as the hospital was used for emergency beds through the pandemic.

What Do You Like About a1-cbiss?

Dom’s goal is to become a fully qualified Electrical Engineer. Dom feels that a1-cbiss provides him with the opportunity to learn all the required skills and work alongside some of a1-cbiss’s most experienced engineers. Dom can experience the wide variety of tasks, as well as installing systems at different types of sites. Dom enjoys working in a professional environment where his colleagues have a positive attitude and are willing to share their advice to help him progress.

What Did You Do Before a1-cbiss?

Dom was a Trainee Aircraft Technician in the Royal Navy where he learnt his trade on Sea King helicopters and Harrier jets. His goal changed to become an Electrical Engineer and felt that the apprenticeship route with a1-cbiss was the right route for him.

What’s Your Life Ambitions or Hobbies?

Dom is keen to learn everything there is to know about electrical engineering particularly within the power generation industry. One day he would like to go travelling in Australia and work on their power stations given the chance.

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