Don Wijesinghe

What is your current role within the engineering team?

Don’s role as a Software Engineer chiefly requires him to write new software, and to re-develop existing software when platforms and system requirements are changed.

Tell us about a project/task that you are particularly proud to have participated in and why?

IVIS re-development project and Bentley Software

IVIS re-development project was Don’s first project at a1-cbiss. The existing IVIS Software was running on the Windows platform; Don’s task was to re-write the software that works for android devices. Don initially found this quite challenging, as he did not have any previous experience with Xamarin Forms, but he relished the opportunity to learn about the MVVM architecture pattern and Xamarin while doing the project. Don’s second project, Bentley software, allowed him to develop his programming skills and knowledge further.

What would you like to achieve at a1-cbiss?

Don wants to do more software development projects for the company, implementing new technologies he has learned from previous experience to produce better software products. “I like to gain more experience and knowledge to make myself a better Software Engineer. I wish to continue my professional journey in the company as long as I can contribute.”

What do you like about working at a1-cbiss?

Don’s favourite thing about working at a1-cbiss is the company culture, which he says gives him space to get his work done independently. “I have freedom and flexibility to maintain a balanced work and personal life. I feel valued, and I’m glad I have a working environment where I can freely share my ideas and feelings. I always get the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting and challenging projects.”

What did you do before joining a1-cbiss?

Before joining a1-cbiss, Don worked as a Communication specialist and an Unmanned Air Vehicle Operator in the British army, and later worked as an Executive Field Service Consultant in Verisure Service Ltd.

And finally, what’s your life ambition/hobbies?

Don loves to learn about new technologies and web design, and his ambition is to be a reputed Software Engineer in the industry. In his spare time, Don enjoys playing cricket, badminton, and swimming, and aims to travel the world.

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