George Forster

What is a Project You’re Proud Of?

George is proud of the ethos at a1-cbiss of being able to provide customisable solutions.

Taking that into his role, he is particularly proud of developing CDAS which allows us to provide a customer with the data in exactly the format they need.

What Would You Like to Achieve?

George wants to continually innovate and develop CDAS in line with the latest legislation, programming techniques and usability to maintain it’s status as the #1 DAS package.

What Do You Like About a1-cbiss?

George enjoys being in a position that allows his to spend most of his time fixing site issues, supporting customers with their technical queries and generating custom reports for customers.

What Did You Do Before a1-cbiss?

Although he aspired to become a maths teacher, George completed his degree with a sandwich course in data programming then joined a1-cbiss.

What’s Your Life Ambitions or Hobbies?

George’s lifetime ambition is a world cruise…if the retirement fund allows!

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