Area Monitoring

Area monitors are setup to continuously monitor a hazardous area to protect the plant from explosive risks or the people that work in the nearby area. 

Introduction to Area Monitors

When an area monitor is correctly positioned, workers’ confidence with safety procedures increases. 

Area monitors provide coverage across large spaces for worker safety, maintenance routines or temporary detection zones.

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Permanent Area Monitoring

In many industrial processes, there is a constant threat of gas release.

Fixed gas detectors are mounted in place to provide continuous detection.

When threats are detected early enough, an alarm alerts people to make their escape. Where the release is explosive, ignition sources can be switched off automatically

Portable Area Monitoring

When workers wear personal gas detectors, they will be notified when the threat reaches their breathing zone.

However, portable area monitors detect a gas within a wider area before it reaches personal gas detectors.

Portable area monitors allow safety teams to create a temporary detection zone by strategically positioning area monitors.

Ambient Area Monitoring

Powders that become airborne in large volumes are potentially explosive. In processing plants, where large bags are filled with powders, site operators must continuously monitor the ambient air.

Although the robotic system fills the bags, if a bag does not withstand the pressure and bursts, by the time the system recognises this and internally switches off the filling, several kilos of material have often escaped into the ambient air, resulting in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

The AirSafe is used to monitor indoor ambient dust concentrations in buildings, production halls, silo enclosures, boiler houses or workplaces.

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