AirSafe 2 Indoor Ambient Air Monitor

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The versatile AirSafe 2 is used as an early warning detection system for potentially explosive dust. The AirSafe controls your environment and prevents dust levels from getting to explosive concentrations.

Possible dust leakage from the process is quickly detected and an alarm is generated if the threshold is exceeded. The switching point is calibrated far below ignition points, so that a reliable shutdown of the system happens before high volumes of dusts are released.


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Where is the AirSafe 2 Used?

Install the AirSafe 2, an ambient air monitor to continuously detect dust leakage in dusty environments such as energy from waste sites, production facilities, packaging sites, paper mills, cement production sites, or food production.

For explosive atmospheres, the EX version (gas Ex zone 1, dust Ex zone 21) can be used.



Process Leakage Detection

For the ambient air monitoring of silos, conveying lines and connected rooms, plant managers look for a maintenance-free way which detects dust leaks and malfunctions.

A final product of the waste incineration process is filter dust. Therefore, bag filters are housed within a baghouse to simultaneously provide dust control. As the filter bag is cleaned, solids are released from the surface and collected in the bottom of the baghouse hopper.

In this application, the AirSafe 2 monitors the dust concentration of the ambient air. Measurement points are around incineration dust storage areas, and its conveyor lines.

In case of exceedance of the predetermined limit values, the AirSafe promptly sends a signal to the control room.


  • Fast response of the sensor in case of exceeding limit levels
  • Prevention of plant damages
  • Easy monitoring of remote system components
  • Avoidance of explosion risks

Case Study: Early Warning of Explosive Dust Levels

At a PVC powder manufacturing and packaging site, robots are used to fill 25kg bags. At this quantity, if these bags do not withstand the pressure and burst whilst being filled, the powder mixture could become explosive. The ignitable mixture of PVC powder is 50 g/m3. By the time the filling system recognises bag failure, several kilos of material will continue to escape into the ambient air. As a result, the volume of powder in the atmosphere could potentially become explosive > 50 g/m3.

The AirSafe 2 is suitable for use in ATEX Zone 22. As soon as one of the sensors exceeds the preset alarm threshold and thus detects a bag break, the filling system is switched off.

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Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 500 × 100 × 240 cm

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