How Much Time Do You Waste Replacing Bag Filters?

Over time, baghouse filter bags deteriorate and eventually burst.

We believe it’s better to predict when bags are likely to fail rather than wasting time finding the right bag filter after they’ve burst.

The Baghouse

Industrial sites must adhere to an environmental permit and only emit a limited range of dust emissions.

The baghouse is constructed of multi-chamber bag filters which effectively reduces the amount of dust in the process from being emitted to atmosphere.

The Problem with Filter Failure

The conditions of the process means that hot dust and particulates travel through the baghouse at speed.

Once filters begin to fail and the baghouse loses it’s effectiveness, if dust escapes the baghouse filter, it may lead to an environmental permit breach.

Paying the Price of Maintenance Delays

For maintenance teams to perform a shutdown and replace all filter bags, it’s very expensive and time consuming.

However, a delay in maintenance performing bag filter replacement causes further strain on other bags. So it is important to identify and replace defective bags as quickly as possible.

Predictive Dust Filter Monitors - The Proactive Approach

When a bag filter fails, can you pinpoint which out of the hundreds of filters it is that’s failed?

Predictive Dust Filter Monitors achieve both cost savings in terms of reduced baghouse maintenance and lost production & avoids an environmental permit breach.

Predict Failure Before it Happens

When a bag filter fails, out of the hundreds of filters, can you pinpoint which one has failed?

The Leak Locate is a premium filter-maintenance tool which pre-empts the deterioration of dust filters before catastrophic failure occurs.


An Effective Maintenance Plan

By using Predict Software, we are able to estimate which filters are more likely to need replacing thus helping to manage an effective maintenance plan.

What Causes Bag Filters to Deteriorate Quicker?

The Leak Locate is the ultimate investigative tool for profiling the baghouse as part of your investigation to efficiently adjust how the air flows through bag filters. 

The network of Leak Locate sensors is connected to the ProController which graphs an indication of each compartment’s dust level.

Optimise Filter Layout for Cost Savings

Understanding the deterioration of dust filters enables us to perfect the most efficient layout of dust filters. 

Correcting the layout may help reduce deterioration and, therefore, replacement bag costs.

Optimise Your Baghouse

We’ll investigate your baghouse performance and recommend the best setup for your process.

  • Review air flow
  • Check sensor positioning
  • Recommend most practical products

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