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Gastec Sampling Pump - GASGV-100S


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The GV-100S Gastec sample pump offers a slim, sleek, ergonomic design for a firm grip to take samples that requires minimum effort

Excl. VAT: £185.00 Incl. VAT: £222.00
Excl. VAT: £185.00 Incl. VAT: £222.00

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Our most popular selling Gastec Sampling Pump.

The Gastec Sampling Pump requires minimal effort as it sometimes needs only 1 pull to draw a gas sample.

The Gastec gas sampling pump is required to pull an air sample whilst using Standard Gastec detector tubes.

The piston style pump is integrated with:

- Tube tip breaker

- Flow finish indicator to show when stroke is complete

Included within the pump carrying case: Pump lubricant, rubber inlets and a manual

The Gastec Sampling Pump is used in conjunction with Gastec Detector Tubes to draw a sample of hazardous gas across the chemical reagent within the tube such that a change produced is proportional in length to the concentration.

Samples can be drawn easily with a handle that requires minimum effort.

  • 50ml (half-stroke)
  • 100ml (full-stroke)

For those who need to keep count of number of strokes completed, we can also offer a gas sampling pump with counter (GV-110S)


Q.Should I calibrate my GASTEC pump GV-100S?
A.The inner volume of the pump is very important because it influences the tube reading. Generally, calibration is required for GV-100S pumps. However, the inner volume of the pump is considered to be fine as long as there is no leak found by a leak check prior to measurements because the volume capacity of a pump is structurally determined just as 100mL or 50mL. For checking the leakage of GV-100S pump, perform a leak check test


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