5 Things You Need to Know About the 3M Versaflo TR-300+

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Latest News

What is the VERSAFLO Air Turbo TR-300+?

The compact 3M Versaflo TR-300+ Powered Air Respirator is an easy-to-use, versatile, respirator system. It protects you from breathing workplace dust and therefore damaging your lungs. We explore the 5 most important things you need to know.

1. Light & Small – It Won’t Get in Your Way

Firstly, the Versaflo turbo is significantly thinner than 3M’s Duraflow (which has now been discontinued). Its has been designed to be worn unnoticed thanks to its slim profile and therefore lets you get on with the job in hand.

The weight of the turbo is only 1.135 Kg (including particulate filter, high-capacity battery and standard belt). The design helps keep its light weight close to the user’s back, reducing the leverage effect that can cause respirator turbo units to feel heavier.


2. Comfortable to Wear

Secondly, the Versaflo head tops can be worn with facial hair, so there’s no need for a face fit test. The loose-fitting head tops fit snug creating a seal around the face but without the squeeze associated with tight-fitting masks which makes it more comfortable to wear.

The S-Series head tops provide a lightweight head covering over the top of your head and face. The S-533 hoods prevent dust from getting into clothing on the neck line as it covers the neck and shoulders.

The M-Series protect with the head using rigid protection. Where head protection in heavy industry is required, there’s no need to try and fit a respirator under your hard hat. You can now ditch the hard hat and simply wear the M-306.  This makes it more practical to wear an all in one respirator.

Both types of head top can be interchanged depending on the task that lies ahead.


Sophisticated electronics keep the factory-calibrated airflow at 170 l/minute. However, there are two selectable flow rate options – 185l/minute and 205l/minute that offer more comfort should you need it.

Even as the battery discharges, or the filter becomes loaded with particulates, the unit continues to deliver a steady flow of air around your face.


3.  Enhance Versaflo Lifetime with Minimal Maintenance

Thirdly, the maintenance of the Versaflo can easily done by hand. The recharge of the battery, changing of the filter and pre-filter and cleaning can all be carried out quickly and easily.

• The belt and turbo unit have smooth surfaces which can be easily wiped down
• IP53 rating. Suitable for use in decontamination shower
• A window on the turbo allows instant identification of the installed filter
• Durable brushless motor for superior reliability


4. Confidence its Working Properly – User-Friendly Indicators

Fourthly, the 3M Versaflo Powered Air Turbo TR-300+ features a user-friendly design with intuitive, coloured interactive touch points, battery charge and particulate filter loading status indicators and audible and visual low-flow and low-battery indicators.

3M Versaflo battery LED display












5. Convenient Ways to Buy

And lastly, the TR-300+ series can be bought as standalone products, however, if you’re looking to buy the unit for the first time, it’s easier and more cost-effective to buy everything you need as a complete kit.

a1-cbiss have created two versions of TR-300+ kits depending on whether you want a soft or rigid head top.

  • – TR-302E+ Powered Air Turbo
  • – Choose M-Series or S-Series Headtop
  • – TR-3712E Particulate Filter
  • – BT-30 Length Adjusting Breathing Tube
  • – TR-325 Standard BeltTR-332
  • – High Capacity BatteryTR-341E
  • – Single Station Battery Charger
  • – TR-3600 Pre-Filter (x10)
  • – TR-971 Airflow Indicator
  • – TR-362 Spark Arrestor (x2)


In conclusion, the Versaflo TR-300 respirator is very popular in heavy industry because is easy to slip on and off or adjust on the move. 3M are the market leaders for high quality respirators and are therefore built to last which protects your investment.

The 300 series is designed for particle removal and it will keep the dust out of your lungs. Not only does this help you to breath more easily, it’s going to reduce the chances of long term respiratory illness.

The complete kit and subsequent replacement parts are all available from a1-cbiss. These can be simply bought online via the webshop. Alternatively, if you require some help choosing the right product, contact the sales office for guidance – 0151 321 0275