NEW: Personal Dust Monitor Without the Faff

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Personal Safety

The XD One is the new Personal Dust Monitor with a difference. It has been designed without the faff of worrying about pumps, sampling heads, tubes or impactors getting in the way.

Breakthrough XD One technology delivers continuous, real-time detection of harmful particulates, whatever the size, even in the harshest of conditions.


Incredible Accuracy

Its 5 times more accurate than other personal dust monitor.

Multi-parameter detection points and wide scatter zone chamber allows XD One to monitor every particulate flowing through the unit. An open-path sensing device that continuously measures every particle from 0.35 to 40μm. Its advanced algorithm processes 10,000 particulates per second gives XD One its incredible accuracy and durability.

Personal dust monitor







How to Get Started?

Simply switch on, secure and go. XD One allows you to perform a self-test any time you want, giving you confidence in its performance.

Factory settings are set to respirable dust fraction but the unit can detect varied sizes – PM1, PM2.5, PM4.25 or PM10

When working in an environment with dangerous amounts of dust and you reach your customised STEL or TWA limits, the XD One will alarm and allow you to act.


Easy Maintenance That Won’t Slow You Down

The one-minute compliance test is required typically every 3-6 months. That’s it. No return-to-base servicing, or complicated set-up, cleaning or calibration routines. PPE for the real world.


BreatheLITE Software – The Home of Your DataXD-One-BreatheLite

BreatheLITE is the home of all your data allowing you to download and analyse the amount of dust you have been exposed to.

Configuring your XD One Personal Dust Monitor only takes a couple of seconds using the free BreatheLITE software.

You can configure

> PM sizes

> Customise STEL and TWA limits

> Change particulate density

Personal Dust Monitor For Real Life


• At only 450g, it’s light enough to wear in breathing zone

• Instant LED status indication and high frequency alarms for workers who exceed thresholds

• 16+ hour battery lasts for duration of shift and some more