Book Your Spring OdaLog Service

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Gas Detection, Latest News

The cold winter months are behind us and OdaLog users are preparing to get them back out in the field. Get them checked over first. Book an OdaLog Service

What is the OdaLog?

The OdaLog Logger L2 is used in the wastewater industry, primarily for locating Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) emissions in harsh, humid, and dirty wastewater environments.

Why Book a Service?

Inspect Damage

Although the OdaLog has been designed for humid and harsh environmental conditions, exposure to H2S may cause corrosion and damage to the housing or internal components. H2S levels will begin to increase again in the warmer weather. You need to make sure that OdaLogs are free from damage from previous use otherwise rust will set in. Get your loggers inspected so they’re ready for deployment.

Sensor Drift

In the space of just one month, gas sensors can drift as much as <2% to <5%. This is an undeniable fact for electrochemical sensor technology. We recommend that your OdaLog has calibration performed  at least every 6 months to ensure that gas sensors aren’t too affected by sensor drift.


How to Book a Spring Calibration Service

For just £95 we’ll calibrate your OdaLog gas sensor and we will also provide a functional check to inspect any damage. If we find that components need replacing, we’ll ask you first and provide a quote for the cost of replacing the parts.

What to do next

Complete the RMA Form Either email to or print and pop in the box with your OdaLog.