Gas Detection

  • Comparison of Gas Detection Sensors

    One of the first challenges for choosing a gas detecting product is to determine which gas sensor technology you need. Gas detection sensor technologies have differing functionality and their limitations depend on the conditions they're exposed to.

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  • Book Your Winter Calibration Service

    The winter months are the optimum time to get your OdaLog serviced ready for re-deployment in the spring. Book a Winter Service

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  • Are You Aware of the Dangers of Peracetic Acid?

    Although peracetic acid or PAA as it's known is a colourless liquid, it is recognised by its strong vinegar-like odour.  Inhaling airbourne vapours of peracetic acid can cause immediate burning of the nose, throat and respiratory tract. We explore the dangers of peracetic acid and what you need to do to get protected.

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  • OdaLog Bluetooth - Wastewater Datalogging Made Easy

    OdaLog® is an industry leader in providing the best solutions for gas detection and logging applications, specifically designed for harsh wastewater environments.

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  • Gas Detection in Waste Incineration Plants

    At waste incineration plants, fuel derives from household waste, clinical waste, hazardous waste or biomass. Whilst these materials provide excellent sources of fuel, they emit dangerous gases which pose a threat to those working at the plant.

    Gas detection equipment must be installed and used by personnel to adhere to health and safety regulations.

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  • Discover Compliance, Efficiency & Enhanced Safety with Crowcon Connect

    Crowcon Connect is a secure, cost-effective and easy to deploy fleet management system that gives the visibility and insights you need from your gas detectors to ensure compliance, improve efficiency and raise safety levels.

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  • The Benefits Gastec Detector Tubes

    Sourcing gas detectors can be confusing. Will it measure my target gas? Can it be used anywhere? What's the total cost of ownership? Then there’s the problem of trying to find a solution within your price range.

    Gas detector tubes have been around for many years, and they'll continue to be used, because users see the benefits of gas detector tubes, such as:

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  • Use GASTEC Tubes with Gas Detectors for the Complete Picture

    Despite the advantages of electronic detectors, there are many applications where GASTEC detector tubes continue to provide a suitable alternative.  When GASTEC tubes are used in conjunction with electronic detectors, they can provide a more accurate and complete picture of the gases present and better understanding of the risks.

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  • BW Solo Review

    The BW Solo from Honeywell is the latest single gas detector to hit the market. The Solo is the next-generation gas detector that gives you complete confidence that it's working correctly, and your health & safety team know exactly what's happening in the field.

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  • The Crowcon T4 in Numbers

    What is the Crowcon T4?

    The Crowcon T4 is one of the most widely recognised gas detectors in Europe which displays and detects the standard four gases simultaneously. The T4 is rated to IP67 making it a suitable gas detector used in a range of industries for entry into hazardous areas and confined spaces.

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  • Avoid a Close Shave! Respirators for Beards

    Beards and facial hair will impede the ability of a respiratory face mask to achieve a good seal and will fail a face fit test. However, there is alternative protection...

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  • Are You Protecting Your Workforce from Gas Hazards?

    With the changes to EH40 Regulations, it may mean you are no longer fulfilling your Health and Safety obligations to protect your workforce and the facility. Our gas detection site survey can help ensure you're fully protected. Learn more...

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