OdaLog Bluetooth – Wastewater Datalogging Made Easy

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Gas Detection, Latest News

OdaLog® is an industry leader in providing the best solutions for gas detection and logging applications, specifically designed for harsh wastewater environments.

With OdaLogs being deployed for up to 1 month at a time, it’s imperative that the OdaLog configuration is checked and data logging correctly. Failure to do this may result in data loss. To prevent this from happening, you are currently required to enter the manhole or harsh environment where the OdaLog is positioned to physically check the OdaLog. This carries a safety risk and an inconvenience.

Now, OdaLog® L2 or OdaLog® RTx features Bluetooth capability for easy, wireless data access. This can be achieved with a simple upgrade.

With Bluetooth connectivity, simply position your laptop within the Bluetooth range and easily download the datalogs from the OdaLog.

Benefits of Bluetooth upgrade:

  • > Convenience – Remote configuration check and data download from up to 12metres away
  • > Reduce time spent retrieving Odalog
  • > Reduce safety risk of entering manhole – No need enter manhole to check OdaLog

How to upgrade

Send in your working OdaLog® L2 or OdaLog® RTx to a1-cbiss.

For just £350.00 we will upgrade it to the equivalent Bluetooth model, complete with new cylindrical body and Bluetooth. We’ll also service and calibrate your OdaLog too.

Email rtw@a1-cbiss.com to book your OdaLog upgrade