Discover Compliance, Efficiency & Enhanced Safety with Crowcon Connect

by | Jul 3, 2020 | Gas Detection, Latest News, Personal Safety

Crowcon Connect is a secure, cost-effective and easy to deploy fleet management system that gives the visibility and insights you need from your gas detectors to ensure compliance, improve efficiency and raise safety levels.


Crowcon Connect Record










Collect data from every gas detector in your fleet

  • Ready to record – integrates with existing Crowcon gas detectors
  • Immediate, consistent flow of accurate data
  • Operator assignment for each device ensures efficient gas detector fleet management



Crowcon Connect Analyse










Crowcon Connect brings together fleet-wide information in simple to use dashboards

  • Data pulls into the portal after each shift
  • Instant visibility of exceptions and non-conformity to policies or compliance
  • Alerts flagged for calibration and maintenance due dates
  • Keep track of detector locations, minimising risk of device loss



Crowcon Connect Act










Actionable insights help increase efficiency, ensure compliance and improve safety

  • Better scheduling of calibrations and maintenance, preventing downtime
  • Crowcon Connect provides the records needed to prove fleet compliance, securely stored in the cloud
  • Pinpoint and remedy the source of non-compliance issues


Gas safety insight from employees on-site and on the move

Whatever the environment, whatever the location, however many employees or sites, Crowcon Connect provides your most seamless route to analysing gas safety data across your entire gas detector fleet.

crowcon connect offsite onsite implementation










With Crowcon Connect, logging and recording gas safety data is simple for employees;

All they need to do is dock their detector in their charging station at the end of each shift, whether in their vehicle or when they get home.

They can use their smartphone or tablet to extract the data through the Crowcon Connect app and upload it via their mobile data or WiFi connection.

Off-site employees

The Crowcon Connect app uploads data automatically with no user intervention



Many industries have large facilities filled with on-site workers who require gas detectors. Whether these detectors are used by the same person each day or form part of a pool fleet, Crowcon Connect still maintains the device-user association.

At the end of a shift, on-site employees dock their portable detectors in our charging units (which also act as our data collection stations) placed in convenient locations throughout the site. Data is automatically extracted and sent to Crowcon Connect with no user interaction required.

On-site employees

Charging stations are conveniently located throughout the facility and automatically upload data to Crowcon Connect


Complete Fleet Management










Fleetwide visibility

Data from across the fleet is presented on easy to interpret dashboards. At a glance, users can see fleet utilisation, alarm events and upcoming maintenance requirements. Filters are applied to review information by region, division or team with the ability to fast-track to the detail.

Asset management

Solve your maintenance scheduling issues by using the powerful fleetwide reporting tools to review calibration due dates in advance. Efficiency levels can be monitored to ensure you have the right number of detectors in your fleet. This is easily done by reviewing gas detector utilisation on the Crowcon Connect dashboard.

Link users to their gas detectors

Crowcon Connect makes it simple to link users to their detectors, giving the ability to add and archive users and detectors as changes are required. This provides the all-important link between alarm events and user exposure.

Never miss an alarm

The dashboard highlights recent alarm events, giving users a quick and easy way to access the underlying details. All alarm events are shown and detailed reports give full visibility of when they occurred and who was operating the device. Automated notifications to line managers ensure alarm events don’t go unnoticed. This ensures that company procedures can be followed.