Does Your EFW Meet the New Calibration Requirements set by the EA?

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Latest News

The EA are keen to improve the accuracy of CO2 data and other pollutants reported under the Pollution Inventory and therefore are asking all EfW plant operators to calibrate their CO2 and N2O CEMS and flow meters by the end of 2021.

What is the Environment Agency asking for?

For CO2 and N2O this will involve meeting the requirements of EN 14181, which includes carrying out a QAL 2 exercise, implementing QAL 3 measures and carrying out Annual Surveillance Tests (ASTs) thereafter.

For flow meters this will involve the calibration and validation of flow meters by parallel measurements with the reference manual method described in EN ISO 16911-1.

*Note that existing CEMS and flow meters do not have to be MCERTS-certified, although MCERTS-certified CEMS and flow meters will be required to be installed when the existing system is replaced.



What Do You Need to Do?

> Add CO2, N2O, Flow Measurement to EN14181 Schedule

This is straightforward to perform. If you have an FTIR installed, the gas library includes CO2 & N2O measurement. These would need adding to your EN14181 reporting schedule.

> Perform Calibration, QAL2, AST

Prior to your QAL2 and AST, a1-cbiss will take care of setting up additional calibration gas bottles, gas regulators & any piping required.

Contact a1-cbiss – We’ll Help You Achieve Compliance



Optional MCERTS Certified Flow Meter Upgrade

If your non-MCERTS certified stack flow meters fail QAL2, they would require an upgrade.

mcerts stack flow meter SF200

The Stackflow 200 and Stackflow 400 flow meters are both MCERTS certified and are available from a1-cbiss.







  1. Are these requirements mandatory? The EA are asking operators to voluntary calibrate their CO2 and N2O CEMS and flow meters, although this will likely be made mandatory in future permits.
  2. How much will this cost? a1-cbiss will perform the onsite setup / gas configurations which should take no longer than a day of site work. This is chargeable at a day rate. There shouldn’t be any extra cost for the QAL2 and AST as these can coincide with routine periodic monitoring.
  3. Who performs this? Your stack emissions testers will carry out QAL2 and AST. Contact a1-cbiss to arrange the upgrade to gas configurations and calibration.



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