Harvest Waste Steam to Generate Electricity Worth £168,000 per Year!

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Emissions Monitoring, Latest News

For too long, you’ve been watching your waste steam vanish into thin air – and with it goes the opportunity to generate additional revenues of up to £168,000 per year!

Harvest Waste Steam and Turn It into Electricity


Electricity Generation

Generate 1,400,000 kWe per year to either recycle back into your process, or feed onto the grid at a value of about £168,000.


Reduce Carbon Footprint 

One energy harvesting AXIAL engine provides your EfW plant with approximately 1,400,000 kWe per year, while massively reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 804 ton per annum.


Return on Investment

The AXIAL V.V.T. Engine recycles your process waste steam/heat to generate electricity and reduces carbon emissions in your processing plant with a return on investment of less than 2 years

Hourly waste steam generation
Operation hours per year
Cost per KWhr
Total Cost


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How Does it Work?

waste steam for electricity generation

A proven waste heat recovery steam generator will be coupled to the axial steam engine system and can be scaled to provide enough steam for multiple engines.

The engine connects to an alternator to generate AC electrical power.

The unit will require saturated steam input at a certain energy and pressure to give an optimal electrical output.

This will be connected into from the steam source in parallel to a steam condenser system.

If no steam source is present, then a heat source will be required and a steam generator with condenser can be supplied at extra cost.


How Does the AXIAL Engine Convert Steam into Cash?

Each AXIAL engine is capable of generating 200kWe per hour. Based on waste steam generation on a 35 hour week (7000 hours annually) and an assumption that the price per KWhr is 12p, this creates a revenue stream of £168,000.

At a cost of £250,000 per AXIAL engine, this gives a return on investment of less than 2 years.


What is the AXIAL Engine?

A complete waste heat to electrical energy recovery system.

AXIAL Engine

> Unique Proprietary Design – Variable Valve Timing and optimum slow speed design to ensure optimum alternator speed control at steam pressures from 8 to 15 bar g.
> Proven Swash Plate Concept – 120 Years of a proven and robust design compared to crankshaft designs. Perfect for slow speed and low pressure systems, dramatically increasing product life expectancy.
> CE Marked and Type Approved
> Optimised controls for performance and data reporting, including variable valve timing.





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