Legislation Approval Sparks Demand for Dioxin Sampling

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Emissions Monitoring

AMESA Dioxin Sampler

AMESA Dioxin Sampler

EN 1948-5 has been approved in May 2015 sparking an increasing demand for continuous dioxin sampling across Europe.

Now that the EN standard has been approved, the revision of the Best Available Technique (BAT) reference document for waste incinerators is expected to be updated shortly.

Currently, Directive 2010/75/EU does not demand continuous sampling of dioxins.
The sampling period is a minimum of 6 hours to maximum 8 hours. A plant operating at approx. 8000 hours per year means that sampling of dioxins only represents 0.1% of the yearly operating time, meaning that there is very little data.

If the Directive 2010/75/EU is implemented, an instrument is reviewed and BAT reference documents are frequently updated to establish European Union-wide emission limit values and to amend the emission limit values set out in Annex V for certain incineration plants.

For more information on Continuous Dioxins Sampling or the approval on EN1948-5, contact a1-cbiss and ask for Sam or Richard