Confined Space Gas Detectors Keep Workers Safe in Utility Tunnel

Mar 21, 2018

Confined Space Gas Detectors Keep Workers Safe in Utility Tunnel

by | Mar 21, 2018


Utility tunnels are used at leisure facilities to transport sewage, electricity cables or water. These tunnels are 5-6 metres beneath the surface and require maintenance checks to be carried out periodically.

The dangers of working within a confined space pose a threat of workers breathing in dangerous levels of Hydrogen Sulphide or Carbon Monoxide. There is also a risk of Oxygen being displaced whilst Combustible gases need to be monitored too.


The Health & Safety Manager of a Premier League club met with an a1-cbiss technical advisor to discuss the forms of portable gas detection available to protect workers whilst carrying out maintenance duties or working in the utility tunnels.

The club required the personal gas detectors to provide pre-entry testing then continuous monitoring whilst operators are working within the tunnels. The confined space gas detectors are primarily used to alarm once gases reach a harmful level.


a1-cbiss visited the Premier League club to take a closer look at the utility tunnels so the right confined space gas detectors could be specified.

a1-cbiss are UK distributors for a number of gas detection manufacturers, so the technical sales advisor was able to demonstrate a number of suitable personal gas detectors.

Ultimately with the variety of confined space gas detectors available, the selection made by the Health and Safety Manager was down to personal choice.

The GMI PS200 was chosen because of the ability to activate the sampling pump during pre-entry testing then switch to diffusion sampling which saves battery power. This means that charging frequency is greatly reduced.

The Health and Safety Manager also liked the feel of the PS200. Its rugged and protective case perceives good quality.

The trial installed confidence that this gas detector could be relied on in the event of a dangerous situation.

a1-cbiss offer a 24 hour calibration service for confined space detectors from £25.

The Premier League club have also agreed to use a1-cbiss to service and calibrate their instruments every six months.

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