5 Things you need to know about the Radius™ BZ1 Area Monitor

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Gas Detection, Personal Safety


Area monitors are a highly flexible solution because they can be placed in temporary or long-term configurations based on your specific hazards. a1-cbiss are pleased to introduce the Industrial Scientific Radius™ BZ1 Area Monitor and we’ve listed the 5 things that you need to know.


The rugged, transportable Radius BZ1 provides an industry-leading run time of 7 days (168 continuous hours) while excelling at hazard communication, connectivity, and ease of use.

The Radius Area Monitor detects up to seven gases and is ideal for long-term projects, routine maintenance, and emergency response.

When it comes to choosing equipment to protect your worksite from gas hazards, rely on the Radius Area Monitor. No other area monitor protects your workers longer in the field with less setup, user training, and time in the shop.

When a gas hazard occurs, the Radius BZ1 ensures that workers in industrial environments certainly know when the instrument is in alarm. Distinctive audio and visual cues and an extra-large display occur. Custom alarm action messages allow workers to focus on taking appropriate action depending on the present gas level.

LENS™ Wireless


With the Radius BZ1, Industrial Scientific have launched a proprietary wireless platform called LENS™ Wireless. With LENS Wireless, your gas detection instruments will be connected from the time you turn them on—with no need for setup or additional infrastructure.

With the addition of LENS™ Wireless, networks are created out of the box and provide visibility into gas hazards that are happening in any location.

You will instantly receive real-time gas readings from other connected gas detection instruments on the network, helping your team react faster in emergency situations.

LENS Wireless Highlights:

– No infrastructure required
– Out-of-the-box operation
– No need for IT setup
– Self-forming, self-healing networks
– Long-range communication up to 300 m (~1,000 ft) without sacrificing runtime
– Peer readings display alarms and data from across the linked group



The design of the Radius Area Monitor also makes the instrument easy to maintain thanks to its intuitive, text-based navigation and the removable, patent-pending SafeCore™ Module.

With the Radius BZ1, all critical technology pieces such as sensors, software, pumps, and wireless, live inside the patent-pending SafeCore™ Module. Smart sensors are positioned face down to prevent the elements from interfering with gas readings, resulting in fewer
false alarms.

The module slides out from the Radius Base for easy docking and automated maintenance, ensuring that your sensors are always ready to provide accurate gas detection.

The SafeCore™ Module allows safety personnel to automatically bump test, calibrate, manage settings, and update software using the DSX™ Docking Station. The interchangeable nature of the SafeCore™ Module lets instrument owners have a smaller, rotating fleet to ensure continuous gas detection coverage in the field.

The Radius Base

bz1-radius-logoRadius bz1

The Radius Base is made of a durable, weather-resistant plastic. The base has built-in audio and visual alarms that grab workers attention, even in high-noise environments. A large battery keeps the unit working as long as you do, and side-grip handles help make the base easy to move from location to location.

It has never been easier to keep your area monitors up and running in the field. The SafeCore™ Module and Radius Base work together to provide maximum gas detection ability, while simplifying the job of maintaining your area monitors.

SafeCore™ Modules Can Be Placed Into Any Base Allowing You to:

• Have a smaller fleet of instruments, e.g., one base and two rotating modules to ensure continuous uptime of instruments in the field.

• Easily dock the module on the DSX™ Docking Station to download data logs and alarm events, bump test, calibrate, and change settings.

• Adapt to your changing environment and reconfigure on the fly. Interchangeable modules allow you to switch from one sensor setup to another without needing more than one base. Or, switch from a non-pumped module to a pumped module to conduct confined space sampling.

How Will You Use Your Radius Area Monitor?

  1. Confined Space Monitoring – Know what’s happening in a confined space by using the pumped SafeCore Module and tubing to draw air samples to the monitor.
  2. Perimeter Monitoring – Set up monitors around a tank, hot work, or other known hazardous areas to continuously monitor for gas leaks.
  3. Fence Line Monitoring – Create a barrier between a safe zone and hazardous work area. Use the hopping capability of LENS Wireless to know what is happening up to 1.5 km away.


For more information about the Radius BZ1, click here