Portable Gas Detectors

Portable gas detectors are critical in providing personal protection for workers in industrial applications against the threat of oxygen, flammable and toxic gas hazards. That’s why portable gas detectors are essential – so they can detect, measure, monitor and react to any gases in the immediate area around them.

Our Portable Gas Detectors

Single Gas Detectors

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Portable Gas Detectors

These units units are fully portable, usually worn on the clothing or clipped on a belt. Should the portable gas detector detect a gas level outside a preset safe limit then an alarm will sound usually accompanied by a flashing light allowing the individual to vacate the area!

Site Survey

Whether you’re unsure of which portable gas detectors you need or how best to use them, a1-cbiss can conduct a site survey and by working on a range of factors we’ll calculate what you need and provide you with a no obligation quote.

Maximum Performance

Problems are less likely to arise if your portable gas detectors have a regular service plan. Either send your detectors to us or we’ll come to you.

Total Personal Safety

a1-cbiss can supply Portable Gas detectors, Spot Check Tubes, Respirators, Harnesses, Fixed gas detection systems and more

Why use a Portable Gas Detector?


Our portable gas detectors have been designed to detect the abnormal presence of one or more gases in a specific area. Operating autonomously, this personal protective equipment (PPE) immediately alerts the user when the gas concentration exceeds the pre-programmed alarm thresholds.

Portable gas detectors prevent all risks that may occur in a specific sector (explosion, fire, intoxication, asphyxiation, etc.). They offer several configuration modes that allow them to adapt to your various business applications.


Our portable gas detectors possess a range of impressive benefits;

     Fantastic battery life
     Shock proof
     Impressive calibration accuracy
     Hassle free data logging
     Maintenance updates