Fall Protection & Access

Fall Protection & Access


A range of confined space equipment designed to keep you safe whilst entering, working in, and escaping confined spaces. We have a variety of tripods, harnesses, winches, gas detectors and other essential items for anyone working in or around a confined space.

Rescue Harnesses

Rescue harnesses are designed with an overhead attachment point for upright retrieval in confined space.

  • Compliant to safety standards – The IKAR and 3M harnesses are tested and certified to EN361 & EN1497.
  • Single- or Two-Point Harnesses – With both a rear and a front (chest mounted) fall arrest attachment points, these harnesses can be used for both fall restraint and fall arrest.
  • Lightweight – At just 1.5Kg, our rescue harnesses are so lightweight, you’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing one.
  • Plus Size Range – Multi-adjustable and enable a greater size range of users compared to most other designs.
  • Long-Lasting – Machine washable 45mm polyester webbing, with plated (anti-corrosive) steel fittings.
  • Leading Brands – a1-cbiss support IKAR and 3M as a premium quality brand.

Confined Space Entry Kit

For quick and safe confined space entry and rescue tasks, our confined space kit which includes all the components needed to safely enter and exit a confined space.

  • Buy and Go – Includes all the components needed to safely enter and exit a confined space.
  • Hire – All our inclusive kits are available for short- or long-term hire.

Confined Space Entry Gas Detectors

Confined space entry gas detection equipment should be used prior to entry to determine hazardous gas levels. a1-cbiss supplies a range of confined space entry gas detectors which give you the confidence to ensure that you or your colleagues are entering into a safe environment.

Tripods & Davits

Tripods and davits are used whilst entering, escaping, and accessing confined spaces to improve safety. Rescue missions can be performed effectively by winching an injured person in a harness to safety. 

Accessories – Our rescue tripods are designed to use the following items: load winches, rescue winch devices for up to 42m or fall arrest blocks.

Tripod or Davit? – A davit arm provides semi-permanent overhead or side anchor point. A davit can be supplied on a base, attached to a mast or even a vehicle mount.

Talk with the Experts

Contact us - Our application specialists will identify the best gas monitoring equipment for your needs based on the information that you can provide. If you're unsure about what's important, consider booking a site survey.

Book a site survey - Our specialists consider your process, your site conditions and work with you to understand your needs. It is the most effective means of ensuring your system is completely fit for purpose.