Gas Sampling Systems

Gas Sampling Systems

Lower Your Risk with a Multi-Sampling System

Gas sampling systems are used in breweries, tunnels, car parks, retail refrigeration, and confined spaces – locations that require multi-point monitoring. 

Because all the gas sensing takes place within an enclosure away from the sampling environment, this lowers the cost of installing gas detector heads at each detection location, and servicing costs.

Ensure Easy, Safe Access to Gas Sensors

The benefit of the gas sensing element housed in the enclosure means there is no need to worry about access to gas sensors. 

Heat, water or dust in wastewater plants, chemical plants, turbines, or engine rooms could affect how conventional sensors are placed and accessed. 

Harsh environmental conditions may prevent people from entering the location to access the gas detector head during installation and during maintenance periods thus increasing system downtime.  Some gas sensors may not even survive these conditions.

Bespoke to Your Needs

Gas sampling systems are custom built to your specification. We tailor the gas monitoring system to include just what you need and leave out what you do not, saving time and money on both capital expenditure and on-going maintenance costs whilst ensuring safe operation.

Onboard relays activate alarms, interface with fire and gas detectors and distributed control systems (DCS).

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