Particulate Emissions Monitoring

Particulate Emissions Monitoring

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Particulate CEMS are designed to accurately monitor particulate emissions within the stack.

  • MCERTS Accredited – If your permit dictates that your site requires an accredited particulate CEM, a1-cbiss have access to a range of QAL1 approved CEMS specified in EN 15267-3 and, accredited to MCERTS and TUV .
  • Reliable Technology – ProScatter technology efficiently evaporates any water vapour in a flue gas samples providing reliable and accurate dust concentration measurements. ElectroDynamic™ technology is unaffected by contamination on the sensor rod and suitable for monitoring conductive dusts which usually coat the sensor such as carbon black.
  • Reach Across the Widest Stacks for Accuracy – The longest particulate CEM probes reach up to 15m across the duct.
  • Envea Brand – CEM dust analysers are manufactured by Envea in France. Envea emissions monitors are renowned for their accuracy, reliability, leading-edge technology, and innovation.

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