Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection


As a welder, a sprayer, or healthcare worker, exposure to dust, fumes and vapours could contaminate the air you breathe causing respiratory illness. Therefore, always wear a respirator.

a1-cbiss have partnered with 3M to supply powered air respirators, tight-fitting face masks and supplied air systems.

Powered Respirators

Powered air respirators (PAPR) can be worn with facial hair or beards because they’re loose-fitting, they don’t require a face-fit test and can be comfortably worn for longer periods of time.

  • Next Day Delivery – Order before 2pm for next day delivery*
  • Huge stock of replacement hoods, hoses, and filters available 
  • Leading Brand – 3M produce the popular Duraflow & Versaflo respirators

Respiratory Masks

Respiratory masks rely on the wearer’s breathing to pull the air through the filter. Respiratory masks can be fitted with particle filters, gas filters or a combination of gas and particle filters.

  • Choice of half face or full-face masks
  • Next Day Delivery – Stock of AVIVA half face masks available on next day delivery.
  • Excellent Quality – 3M lead the way for quality respirators designed for comfort and durability

Supplied Air Respirators

Portable air supply and airline systems provide uninterrupted breathing air in emergency situations, or the capability to allow users to enter low oxygen hazardous atmospheres.


  • Site Survey – Whether you’re unsure of which respirators you need, we’ll profile your workplace, so you know exactly the type of equipment is needed and answer your questions.
  • Leading Brands – a1-cbiss are a preferred distributor for 3M.
  • Training – We’re working with 3M to provide the very best training to ensure all your workers go home safely every day.

Gas & P3 Filters

3M Pro2000 filters for particulates (P3), gas or a combination used on purified and supplied air respirators. All filters comply with EN14387.

  • Next Day Delivery – Order before 2pm to qualify for UK next day delivery.
  • Maximum Efficiency – At 99.98%, P3 filters offer the most efficient performance against particulates and dust.
  • Volume Based Discounts – Various types of audible, visual and motion alarms are available because gas monitors are worn in noisy and dark applications. 
  • Leading Brands – a1-cbiss hold a large stock of market leading 3M Pro2000 filters.
  • Compatibility – 40mm DIN screw thread fitting is compatible with Duraflow & Versaflo powered air respirators, AVIVA40 half masks, and Vision full-face masks.

Respirator Hoods

Respirator hoods protect the wearer from breathing in particulates, gases, and vapours. Hoods provide additional protection for the face, head, neck, and shoulders, thus preventing skin contact with chemical splashes or being coated with dust.

Workers choose to wear this type of device because they are loose-fitting offering increased comfort for longer duration wear due to the cooling effect of air circulation.

  • Next Day UK Delivery – Order before 2pm and receive head tops the next working day.
  • Excellent Quality – 3M lead the way for quality respirators designed for comfort and durability.

Respirator Hoses

The hose connects to the respirator and feeds the head top with purified air.

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