A+ Genie Membrane Separators

Genie membrane separators remove fine aerosols to large volumes of liquid to protect analyser systems in gas and liquid streams.

Supreme 100 Series remove 100% of entrained liquid and particulate in gas samples, which allows only gas sample to flow to analysers.

Supreme 200 Series remove 100% of suspended, immiscible liquids in liquid hydrocarbon samples, which allow only hydrocarbon liquid sample to flow to an analyser.

  • Prevents analyser damage – Membrane separators filter liquids and particulates within a sample to protect analysers and sample system components.
  • Safe and easy to install and maintain – An advanced housing design makes this possible.
  • Innovative – Liquid Block Technology™ prevents liquid from being forced across the membrane in upset pressure sample line conditions.
  • Leading brand – A+ Corporation are the sample extraction and preconditioning experts that design and assemble your custom system for gas and liquid sampling.

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