Genie Supreme Membrane Separator Model 225

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The Genie® Supreme Membrane Separator Model 225 protects liquid hydrocarbon systems from water, caustic, sulphuric acid or other immiscible liquids where the operating pressure does not exceed 2000 psig.

Ideal for high-pressure applications, it also removes absorbed gases, gas bubbles, or volatile organic carbon (VOC) compounds from water sample at the same pressure rating.

This model has the same design as both the original Genie® Model 205 and Model 205HP, except it includes a standard screw off cover to allow easier membrane maintenance.

Genie® Series 200 Membrane Separators™

The Supreme 200 Series™ remove 100% of suspended, immiscible liquids in liquid hydrocarbon samples, which allow only hydrocarbon liquid sample to flow to an analyser.

This action protects analysers against damage to analysers and sample system components.

The Genie® Supreme Series 200 models can accommodate a wide range of applications just as the original Genie® Series 200 membrane separators, yet they offer an improved housing design for easy maintenance.

Genie® Supreme Series Membrane Separators™ are safe and easy to install and maintain, especially in heated, densely populated cabinets.


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Weight 2 kg


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