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FlexSight™ LS2000 Line-Of-Sight Infrared Gas Detector

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The Det-Tronics line of sight LS2000 monitors for the presence of gas clouds between two points in petrochemical and oil & gas industries.

The Open Path Eclipse (OPECL) IR Gas Detector has been retired and replaced by the FlexSight LS2000.

Current Industry Challenges

Installation issues, maintenance problems, and product performance are some of the challenges that current line-of-sight technologies face;

  • Misalignment / Vibration Tolerance
  • Normal process vibration degrades performance
  • Misalignment may cause false alarms
  • Undisclosed failures

Product Life

  • Early IR source failures
  • Lens / Lamp fogging

Performance in Fog

  • Possible false alarms
  • Undisclosed faults

Installation and Alignment

  • Total time (Installation times often approach 60+ minutes per unit)
  • Specialised tools are required (HART handheld, Proprietary interrogator tools, etc)
  • Onsite Expertise (LOS Installation requires highly

The FlexSight LS2000 Solution

From a foggy North Sea oil platform in constant motion to placements next to highly used railways or in the harsh conditions in the Arctic, the FlexSight LS2000 is designed to fully meet these real-life operating conditions.

Industry-Leading Misalignment Tolerance

  • Less susceptible to vibration & installation movement

Long-Lasting Lamp performance and lifetime

  • The FlexSight LS2000 provides an upgraded, long-lasting infrared source, with a ten-year warranty.

Smart Monitoring and Control

  • Temperature and obscuration triggers
  • Power consumption management

Field Replaceable Electronics Module

  • Reduced labour and equipment costs
  • Easy to upgrade

Easy-to-Access Diagnostics

  • Highly Visible LEDs: local alarm and simple fault identification
  • Large event and calibration logs (1,000 and 100)
  • HART® 7, EDD, and AMS

Optional communication link

  • Enables single point diagnostics, dynamic lamp power, LED synchronisation

The FlexSight LS2000 has an optics field-of-view with a 60% improvement over previous leading technology, creating a more tolerant and faster alignment process. Using a scope, the line of sight detector can be aligned more quickly and easily with a large ‘sweet spot’ to aim for.

LS2000 signal ratio

In addition, the unit has a power consumption management feature and highly visible LEDs. The diagnostic features of the FlexSight LS2000 significantly reduce the time and effort needed to identify fault conditions.

Easy to Install

  • +/-0.8 degree FOV creates tolerant alignment process (+/- 2m tolerance at a 120m range)
  • A new mounting method allows for simple adjustments
  • 60% reduced average install time

Easy to Maintain

  • Less susceptible to vibration and installation movement
  • Long-lasting lamp performance and lifetime
  • Smart monitoring and control
  • Temperature and obscuration triggers
  • Power consumption management
  • Easy-to-access diagnostics
  • Local alarm and simple fault identification
  • Large event and calibration logs (1,000 and 100)
  • Optional communication link: enables single point diagnostics, dynamic lamp power, LED synchronisation
  • A simple 3-wire connection between Rx and Tx

Best Protection

  • Globally certified with SIL, FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx, CE, DNV, INMETRO, and CUTR / KIM approvals
  • The simplified mount provides alignment tolerance for environments affected by wind, rain, fog, snow, sleet and unstable mounting posts
  • Certified to a distance of 120 meters and in a temperature range of -55ºC to +75ºC

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In partnership with Det-Tronics, a1-cbiss are offering a ‘Try Before You Buy’ trial for the LS2000. Contact a1-cbiss

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