Gas Detectors

Fixed gas detectors are installed when there is a need to continuously monitor gases from a permanent location.

They are installed in hazardous areas to detect the presence of target gas and relay to a control panel.

a1-cbiss supply detectors that monitor a wide range of target gases. Includes toxic, flammable, oxygen, and VOCs for use in safe areas and intrinsically safe or ATEX rated zones.

Which Services Can You Expect from a1-cbiss? 

  • Site Survey – If you’re unsure of which detectors you need, a1-cbiss can conduct a site survey. We work on a range of factors to calculate what you need and provide you with a no obligation quote.
  • Huge Library of Gases – a1-cbiss supply gas detectors that monitor a wide range of target gases. This includes toxic, flammable, oxygen, and VOCs – Search by Gas
  • Single Point to Multipoint Systems– a1-cbiss have successfully delivered gas detection projects are installed on the UK’s largest industrial sites – manufacturing plants, breweries, refineries. – See Case Studies
  • Control the Environment – Gas detectors can activate extractor fans, turn off process supply lines or create an alarm to warn personnel of danger.
  • Quality Leading Brands – a1-cbiss work with Europe’s leading gas detection brands and engineer systems fit for our client’s needs.
  • Preventative Maintenance – Problems are less likely to arise if your fixed gas detectors have a regular service plan.  Therefore, we offer all-inclusive service plans to ensure reliability and performance.
  • Total Personal Safety – a1-cbiss can supply a wide range of products for everything related to gas detection. – Personal gas detectors, Spot Check Tubes, Respirators, Harnesses, Fixed gas detection systems and more