Crowcon XGardIQ Fixed Gas Detector

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The Crowcon XgardIQ is regarded as Crowcon’s most intelligent fixed-point gas detector.

Firstly because it can be fitted with a variety of flammable, toxic or oxygen gas sensors.

Secondly, this versatile transmitter and gas detector has a range of features that protect engineers and support facilities managers in heavy industry.

Confidence in Your Gas Detection System

Crowcon XGardIQ Features that keep you safe at work

  • OLED display – Bright, clear display indicates gas level and detector status even in dark locations
  • +ve Safety indicator – Confirms the detector is operating safely at a glance
  • Remote sensor – Improves the probability of detection
  • Calibration due warning – Reminds you when calibration is due to ensure that sensors remain operational and accurate at all times

Quick & Easy Maintenance

Features to improve the reliability and time spent maintaining your gas detection system

  • Universal transmitter – Common transmitter for Crowcon’s full range of sensor technologies
  • Sensor range selection – User can set the full-scale range of the sensor via the display menu according to the site or specific location requirements.
  • Hot-swap sensor modules – Sensors can easily be replaced using one hand without requiring tools or a hot-work permit
  • Auto-sense function – Automatically detects whether the control system is 4-20mA current sink or source and sets itself appropriately, eliminating the risk of being incorrectly set
  • Auto-configure function – Detects when a sensor module is plugged-in and uploads the appropriate gas type, range, units, and alarm levels
  • Non-intrusive calibration – Zero and calibration functions are performed via the display and keypad, without the need for a hot-work permit or any special tools (e.g. no magnetic wand required)
  • Smart Bump and Speedy Bump test functions – Enable sensor health and response to be verified quickly and easily using test gas. The process is automated and provides a reminder when a bump test is due

Data at Your Fingertips

Improve Your Health & Safety Programme to Keep Your People Safe

  • Event log function – Stores all alarm, fault, and maintenance events to provide a history of detector use
  • The Crowcon XGardIQ is certified to SIL-2 ratings

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