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Chlorine Gas Detection

Chlorine Gas Detectors – Portable gas detectors from a1-cbiss for the detection of chlorine

CAS Number: 7782-50-5
STEL: 0.5ppm


Chlorine (Cl2) is a highly caustic gas with a strong irritating odour. It is a heavy gas that tends to not to travel.


Inflammation is caused when Chlorine comes into contact with the skin. When inhaled, Cl2 causes symptoms including coughing, bronchitis and inflammation of nasal mucous membranes.Chlorine is not combustible, however, it can react with most combustibles which poses a fire and explosion risk. It also reacts violently with organic compounds such as ammonia and hydrogen, causing potential fire and explosion risks.

Where is it found

For most people, Chlorine is the commonly known method of sterilising swimming pool water. However, most chlorine is used in the chemical industry with typical applications including bleaching, paper mills (bleaching pulp), disinfection, water treatment plants, plastic production, medical supplies, pesticides, pigment dye, mineral ore refinement and metal processing. Moreover, urban drinking water which we use every day contains Chlorine as a disinfectant to eliminate bacteria.

Chlorine gas products